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This is Mitul Patel here from The Bookish Elf. Below are the details about our book marketing and promotion plans.

Our Book Marketing services and Promotion Plan includes various services. You can either select the whole plan 

or can custom it by choosing and combining one or more services we offer. Below are the services we offer for Book 

marketing and promotion.

1. Book Reviews

Book Reviews have a direct impact on readers while they are choosing their next book to read. When they are 

purchasing a book, most readers prefer books with good reviews. We’ll read and review your book and post 

reviews on, Goodreads and on our Blogs and social media channels.

2. Author Interviews

We’ll interview the author and post those questions and answers on blogs and social media so that readers get to 

know about the author and his book. This will make the author famous along with his book among the reading 


3. Social Media Promotion

We have more than 100K followers on our social media channels who are interested in books and reading. We’ll 

create and publish different posts about book and author on our social media platforms.

4. Social Media Set up for Author/Book fan page

Social Media is a significant tool to reaching out your readers and make them aware of your work. We’ll help you to 

setup and manage various social media profiles and fan pages for your book. We’ll provide you our social media 

marketing guide, using which you may take advantage of these social media platforms to create and engage your 

fan base.

5. Author Website creation

One of the most effective and long-term strategies to increase your book sales is to create your own website. An author website is a must-have tool for authors today and it doesn’t just help you to promote book but also helps you to engage with your potential readers. Our full-featured author website, with blog, social media integration and other cool features, is the best marketing tool you can have. You can list each of your titles and links them to buy from various online stores.

6. Google / Facebook / Youtube Adverts

We can help you in creating ad on Google, Facebook and Youtube to reach your target audience using specific keywords and categories relevant to your book. With our help you can narrow down your ads to the exact target audience for your book.

The Basic Plan for the book marketing promotion includes first 3 services listed above. It will cost you INR6999 for a month. In which we’ll review your book and post it on our blog and promote across all social media channels. We also post Author Interview on the blog and promote it across our reading audience. We’ll post 5 reviews on Amazon and 10 reviews on Goodreads.

Once in every 3-4 days (that is 10 times in a month), we’ll publish a post about your book on all our social media platforms (FB, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest) and share it across many FB groups.

We have more than 100K people following us across all social media channel. It will give a good exposure to your book and help you to reach out the reading community.

For more assistance or queries, you may call me on +91 7984361025 or WhatsApp on +91 9979770861.